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Elena Is Here

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Tuesday... August 31, 2004

Hola, thanks for visiting our website.

Wahine a.k.a Amy is back from Jamaica and had a wonderful time. I am not sure if we'll get pictures from the trip or not.

Dottie will be going to a huge audition in Las Vegas, Neveda in about 2 weeks. Pray for her because if she makes it this is it guys!

ViViD: Hopefully I will be able to put more songs up on the website it just takes forever to upload onto the computer but I will try to this week.

August 8, 2004

       I just got done adding 10 pictures to Dottie's MSN group. Enjoy! There might be a chat with Dottie in our chatroom tuesday or wednesday. I'll keep it updated.

August 4, 2004

            Ex-Doll Ariel was born August 4, 1896. Today is her 18th Birthday. Congrates, she's a leeegal Doll now! haha

July 22, 2004
NEWS: If you haven't joined the Yahoo! Group, do so today! I will be adding Dottie's song,  "Blues" to the group for everyone to listen and make comments on. Also lyrics will be added to the groups website (Vivid's Yahoo, Dottie's MSN & this website as well as other independents website will be adding the lyrics once I release them.) Enjoy!  

July 1, 2004

      Amy a.k.a Wahine is off to Jamaica on a missions trip. Not only is she going to help out with the children but a band needed a singer and she'll be singing with the band while their out there. Congrats.

    Carianne a.k.a Pippi/Ariel went to France with former Doll, Smartie a.k.a Chrissy. (They are actually cousins.) They should be arriving back to California July 2.

   Maryann a.k.a Dottie has been working on music. Same ol' same ol. June 27 an independent record label e-mailed her and asked her to send a demo of her singing. I believe she sent that out this week, so people we will sing. 

July 4th, 2004
Lyrics to her songs are being added to the lyrics page. Dottie just recieved copy right in the mail so everything is totaly hers. Warning, she will sue! haha Alright, did anyone download her song "Complete - Remix"? If so could you post your thoughts about it? Comments, questions? Cuz I know people go to this website, come on! Write to us!