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Elena Is Here

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Dottie doll was given a surprise birthday party, all the dolls were there!

"It was a blast." says Dottie "It was like a dream come true. When I saw my friends all standing there, it didn't feel real. As my mom walked up to me and hugged me I whispered in her ear 'this is what i have wanted mom' and its true, I don't think I could have wanted anything more than that party."

Ashley Barnhart (AB) - Hi Maryann how are you today?

Dottie Doll (DD) - I'm doing fine thank you for asking, how are you?

AB - Good, lets began the interview!

DD - :smiles: alrighty! I've never done this before!

AB - Me neither its my first interview ever! Tell me a little more about yourself and what sets you apart from the other dolls in the group.

DD - Well, :smiles: I'm the short, innocent, big brown eyed lil girl that is always the goodie two shoes of the dolls... :smiles: ....

AB - :Laughs:

DD - ....But then I'm also the girl dressed in dark colors all the time. Its a little hard to explain, but I am a very unique individual, well thats what I think!

AB - :laughs again: How do you describe your style?

DD - well im not sure, Im j/k, actually my style is weird I'm not really into all that fashion smashin' stuff but im not out of fashion, you know? were you even talkin' about clothing!? or were you talking about personality?!! im so confused! I am a blond at heart ya know! :laughs:

AB - :laughs: well im blond at the head :laughs: be continued.....