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Elena Is Here

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Old News

October 20, 2oo4

         Halloween is coming right around the corner! Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for visiting Vivid's website today! Dottie is working on 2 brand new songs.The first song that is almost complete has a mix of techno and dance to it. Some say her vocals sound like Gwen Stefani in it. The other one is slower and is still being creating. I have not heard it yet but I heard it was going to be some sort of ballad. Hopefully I will be able to add some full length songs soon. Oh and my computer has some type of virus so I have to use others to updatge my website, sorry about the wait!

Saturday October 2, 2oo4
               HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOTTIE!!!! Dottie

Saturday October 2, 2oo4
               HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOTTIE!!!! Dottie's 19th birthday is today! She had a birthday party and went to Knotts SCARY farm on Oct. 3rd. Former dolls Smartie and Pippi joined her in the celebration.

Monday, September 13, 2004
             Dottie just got back from American Idol auditions held in Las Vegas. If you'd like to hear about her experience you can read about it on her msn, yahoo group or on the Dottie website.

Friday, May 7, 2004
         Whats up people? Sorry, I haven't updated in a while. Vivid took a little break with their music. It seems they have been growing apart so I haven't really updated the site. Anyway... I am going to try to add a new MP3 of Dottie.
So far, no lessons with James Lugo, due to his busy schedule. Meghan Redgate, her manager a.k.a Skitch from ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE will be having a meeting with Dottie monday night.

~`~`~MAY 5, HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!!!`~``
Saturday, May 1, 2004
        Hello everyone. Just a reminder, my counter broke a couple of months ago... It had over 7000 hits on it, if I remember correctly... MEANING>.... Over
12,000 people have been to the website!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2004

      Dottie Doll is starting her voice lessons with James Lugo this month. After her 2 month vocal lessons Dottie will began recording a professional demo. It should be out by July but it is for permotional use only. (Meaning - It won't be sold anywhere). To get more information go to :)

Saturday, March 13, 2003

     Dottie added a new mp3, Spotlight, to the yahoo group. I added 3 new pics of Ariel & Dottie to the yahoo group.

    Dottie has been sick but once she is well she will be working with Vocal Coach.... James Lugo. James Lugo has worked with Warren G, Method Man, Julie Marie, Ninette & more!

Friday March 5, 2004

Ah. The Dolls have decided to officially change their name to Vivid. Fans sent in e-mails saying they "it's much deeper" feel to it. Others believe it's "more mature" seeing how the girls are almost grown up now.
Thank you Larissa and Sarah for ur e-mail! And the others who have sent in your thoughts about the groups name changing. Those were the e-mails that they needed to hear. I got one today and called up the Dolls they said to put it on the website that they changed their name. And....

Larissa & Sarah. - The Dolls are going to write to you this week.
 And they say "Those are the kinda people who r gonna get V.I.P tickets to our shows!" *laughs*

Unfortunately, no photo shoot happened last week. The photography had to cancle because she was sick. They might have one today.

*Vivid now has band member. It's pop, yeah.... but when they go in the proffessional RECORDING STUDIO! in the next couple of months! YEA!!!!!! WOOOOO! A reeaal reaaal one!
Okay. As I was saying. When they go into the recording studio's they will need a live band. So far they have a guitar, drummer and keyboard player. As for now I do believe they are looking for a bass player. More information coming on that soon! Finally things are happening for them! ViVid has been together since 2001. Good things come to those who wait. I believe you Dolls are going to make it! Good luck!

Friday February 27, 2004... Ariel & Dottie will be having a photo shoot. Finally some proffesional pictures of Ariel! Pictures will be up on the website by next week or even as soon as sunday

To fill everyone in, the Dolls have had some recent discussions concerning the future our their singing group. It looks more likely that Wahine will not be in the group, although she still remains in the group till further notice.

Which leaves the Dolls with this question: Will there be a new Doll?
Both Dottie and Ariel are seriously considering adding a new member into the group. If they do get a new member they will want a blonde singer, height between 5ft 2--5inches. They are NOT having auditions yet, I will post it when they do. (That is, if they do).

Good news. It looks like the Dolls have finally got a manager. Honestly, it is more of Dotties manager. Her new manager is willing to work with the group Vivid or with just Dottie herself. This is very exciting news people!

On Friday, Dotties manager is taking her out to LA to meet some artists in the music industry. (Producers, people who manage tours and artists). Ariel was unable to attend this due to preexisting arrangements she had made for that night (with her school).

More Good News: Vivid will be opening up a P.O. Box within the next month or two. This will allow YOU to write to the Dolls, order their demo, or full sized autographed (your choice) picture of Vivid. Ooooor a picture of the Doll of your choice.

This leads to more exciting news I am putting together yet another website. This one is going to be fun. Basically, it is going to be an online magazine. If it is popular then it will turn into a newsletter that you can order through their P.O. box address.

So there you have it. I hope everyone will be wanting to interact more on this website, online magazine, or through snail mail. This looks very promising for the Dolls and we cant wait to see what will be happening in their futures! Feel free to e-mail them any time at: or join Dotties MSN group.

Feb. 08. 2004

Valentines is coming up soon!
Well new information about Dottie. She is going to have an official meeting with a popstar from Canada sometime this week or the following. I don't have the singers name yet but when I find out I will put it on the website ASAP!

Dottie, a.k.a Maryann also has some other stuff going on but I cannot release this information yet. SORRY!
(My advice to you is if you are thinking about e-mailing her, then e-mail her now!)

I added a new MP3 of their song onto Dottie's MSN group and YAHOO group so if you want to listen to Vivid's music then click on the links.



I have received some e-mails from people that they cannot get to Dottie's website. Try this link.

New MP3's added to the MSN Group.

December 26, 2003

  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Vivid to you!
     And...the Site Editors of PaperDolls (ViVid) would like to wish you happy holidays!

I added a new mp3 to the website and some pics of Dottie. Enjoy!

December 22-2003

      Dottie Doll will be performing summer 2004! In order for her to perform we need your help. I am going to put up a vote and if you live in Southern California you can participate. If you want to see Dottie perform live concert in the summer of 2004 then please vote for her! We need at least 25 votes (from the website) to have her be able to perform. This will be a half-hour performance of her music. Tickets are $5.00 and for all day admission (from what I've been told). Other independent bands will be playing all day for a 2 day event.
   I am going to be putting up a poll in another week so please vote!

       New pictures of Dottie have been added to the yahoo group so if you haven't joined then join today!

December 7, 2003

       Hey everybody. Yet another month where I have not updated. I am getting really bad at this. Yesterday Dottie had a photo shoot. Hopefully I will be getting and adding some of her pictures onto the website. I am also working on her solo website and more pictures of her photo shoot should be on that website. (The website has not opened yet). Dottie is working on a professional demo. At the moment a couple of producers are looking at her. Cross your fingers!!

October 31, 2003

     Happy Halloween everybody!
     New mp3 added to the site. And hopefully more professional pictures coming sometime soon! (And in general more pictures of the dolls!)
News... Dottie's music career is developing more than the other Dolls. She was able to be a featured artist on a producers Cd but the Cd is not being released to the public.

October 8, 2003

Just some Southern California news. Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons, Pavilons and Safeway are all going on strike this saturday. The only grocery stores that will be open are Stater Bros, Trader Joes, and Food 4 Less. One thing, you might want to stock up because there will probably be a food shortage. If the stores do walk out then it will be on saturday and it will only take 1 hour for the strike to officially be on

October 2, 2003


Dottie, Ariel and Wahine went to Knotts Scary Farm that night.
Friday and Saturday Dottie went to Santa Monica (her regular hang out spot) and brought Ariel and former doll "Blondie" saturday night.

September 23, 2003

   Whats up, long time no chat. I have 2 new pictures of Ariel that I am putting up on the website they should be on her page but I haven't decided what exactly I'm doing new to this website so I am not sure where the pictures are going to go yet.

Dottie's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately she was stricken with the flu and has been ill for the last week. Both Ariel and Dottie have been practicing together. Dottie got offered to audition for a singing part at her church. If everything goes well then you fans from California would be able to hear her sing on the radio a few times a week.

A lot more stuff has been developing with Dottie's singing career that I sadly, am not allowed to mention at the moment. I am still working on the solo website. It looks promising and she thanks everyone for their support.

My main goal is to get her website open, fix my counter, add pictures and give this site a little change. I don't have many mp3's to put on here so I am not going to add any to the site for a while.
Have a wonderful day. :)

September 10, 2003

*~`~*HAPPY*~* BIRTHDAY*~* WAHINE!*~`~*
Today Amy a.k.a Wahine, curly blond member of ViVid turns 19. She was thrown a surprise party too. Wahine is currently an assistant dancing/singing coreographer. Did I spell that right? Uh, yeah...congrates AMY!

August 21, 2003

Hello everyone

Right, I am sorry that I haven't updated. I don't really know whats going on with the Dolls recently. I am making a website for Dottie because it looks more likely that is will be going solo in the next couple of months.

August 4, 2003


Today Carianne, a.k.a Ariel Doll turns 17.
How is she celebrating her birthday? Yesterday she was given
a surprise party. She was definately surprised, or more scared?
People said that she was "screaming" and "ran out the door." Ariel had no clue that there was a party planned for her. Hopefully they will send us some pictures of the night. Best wishes on your 17th year Ariel!

July 24, 2003

Hello everyone..
If you would like to see more pictures of Ariel or Dottie then join
their club for yahoo. There are about 10 additional pictures of them on that website.. I'm glad to see we have such devoted people coming to the website.

Right, so I'm happy to say that our website visitors number is about to reach the 6000 mark!! (Remember, my counter broke at 5000).
More and more people are coming to the website. Recommend Vivid to a friend!   

I'm adding pictures to the photo gallery, uh, you can thank Mr Jonathon for that too. Also am adding a mp3 today. :)

July 21, 2003

Okay everyone. Yet another apology for not updating this website.
This time it wasn't my fault! The tripod website wasn't letting me update and it kept deleting my window when I finally got onto the Vivid website.

A picture of Wahine and Pippi have been added to the website. Go to their personal page to access the pictures. More pictures will be up but professional pictures of the Dolls will be coming soon.

Vivid has come out with 4 more songs. Once they are all completed I will start adding snippets and longer mp3's of the dolls singing. Not just Dottie this time. More mp3's coming on the website within the next 2 weeks. If the website doesn't get updated within 1 week then check the message board, I might be having problems again. When I have problems I post on the message board. If you go to the yahoo group than you can get regular updates, pics, mp3's (that aren't on this website), and other stuff so if you haven't checked out the yahoo group you should, its cool.

August 4, Ariel will be turning 17.

July 5, 2003

july 15th Castro Band will be performing on channel 52 in Southern California stations. These are friends of VIvid. More information coming soon.

June 30, 2003

Howdy, how is the summer going ya'all?
I haven't updated the website in 20 days, I am very sorry.
I got news about the dolls though.
A member from the Sound & Image label has contacted the girls
and are interested in hearing their demo. The only downer about this
is that they are located in UK (United Kingdom). ViVid lives in California.  What do you think they should do?

June 10, 2003

New mp3 added to the site.

May 26, 2003

The photogallery has been updated with new pictures of the Dolls.
Wahine's page has added pictures too. I might be able to add Ariel singing one of their songs "Away From Me" by thursday night.
Hope everything is going swell. The yahoo group has been updated too, so all you who haven't joined, JOIN! hehe

May 23, 2003

I've been updating little things all throughout the website. Nothing major except the Dolls are suppose to have a photo shoot sometime soon. Dottie and Wahine graduate from highschool June 12, 2003.

May 16, 2003

Good news!!!! A new mp3 of Dottie Doll has been added to the multimedia page. I am almost positive you guys are going to enjoy this mp3. It is short but it is good! If you would like more of the song please e-mail me or sign up to their yahoo group site. If you go there I am going to download half or all of the song. :) You can download the fulllength version there.

May 14, 2003

Amy, further known as Wahine Doll, will be coming back into the group starting this June!

Wahine says that since she will be graduated from highschool that she will have more time on her hands. Hearing about how popular the site has been since it started, she is interested in getting back with the group. Also, the girls are creating new songs and are recording together, so the Dolls have invited her back. :) If everything goes well, WELCOME BACK WAHINE!

The Dolls have been working hard trying to get some songs together. If you go to the yahoo group than you will be able to hear some samples of songs that Dottie has already come out with. We are going to put those up on the regular website as soon as I get the time. Wahine, Ariel and Dottie are going to start recording together but I don't know when I will be receiving mp3's. I guess the wesbite will really be PAPERDOLLS 3! huh?

More news. If you have been to the yahoo group you notice that the Dolls have a new sign up for them. It says Vivid.... Ariel and Dottie Doll. This is their new banner. They are going to change their name to Vivid because Paper Dolls seems to be taken by an all boy punk band.

(or Vivid Dolls

May 12, 2003


How is everyone this week! Hope good.
I was able to update the photo gallery, Dottie and Ariel's page with some new pics of the Dolls.
Another thing I am planning on doing sometime this week is adding Wahine's page back onto the site.
Note: Wahine is not back in the group but we are making this page for all the Wahine fans.
Hope everything is going well and hope to get some Mp3's on this website soon. Thank you for the votes but I would like to get some more coming in on these polls! Thanks and goodnight!

May 8, 2003

Hey everybody!! Sorry still no pictures of Prom or Sr Banquet. Darn this computer! Now the website is giving me troubles too1 It deleted my counter, which is very upsetting. It was just about to reach 5000 about 2 months ago and then the germ broke. So now about 5500 people have visited this website. I am so happy. I should be getting a new counter up within the next week.

I am not sure if new people have been coming to the website but just a quick reminder. The Dolls have come up with NEW SONGS but they are only accessible to members of the yahoo group. They are in the middle of recording new demos for their group to hear. If you think we should put the MP3's on the website please e-mail us or place your comments on in the message board by clicking on "InterAct" Or place your!

March 19, 2003

New pics of the Dolls have been added. Yes, I know, I took more then 2 days! Am sorry! Click on Dottie, Ariel or Photo Gallery to see pictures. :)

Today the USA begins official war with Iraq.

March 16, 2003

Hello everyone. Okay, I haven't updated in about 2 weeks?! Is that true! I am sorry guys! Well there is another mp3 being added tonight and new pictures of Wahine, Ariel and Dottie. Hopefully everything should be up on the sight by tonight or tomorrow night. So keep looking!

March 3, 2003

I have only been able to put up 2 songs so far but more of them are coming soon. Let me tell you, they sound a lot  better than the former ones! They have been working hard to get some songs of them for you guys to hear. So hopefully we will get some original works soon! Please post your comments about their singing, new songs and whatnot on the message board, guestbook, or post a message in their official yahoo group!

Feb 20, 2003

Another thing I had to add.
The following pages have been updated:

MULTIMEDIA(although no mp3s have been added yet)
Tour..... Links.... and....Discography. Enjoy people....!

Feb. 19, 2003

Hey everybody. Yes, I am updating the website and it hasn't even been 6 months yet!!! Amazing, huh?!

Well I have wonderful news for all you fans out there. Paper Dolls has come out with a few new songs! I bet you are thinking.... "Paper Dolls has already come out with a couple of songs and we have not even seen the lyrics or heard the actually tune." GUESS WOT! This time you will be able to read parts of the lyrics and hopefully soon, within the next week or so I will be able to upload their new song "Can't You See."  The only reason why you are not hearing it at this moment right now is because the Dolls don't know how to put it onto wav. or mp3 format. Once the figure that out, they will send the file to me and I will upload it right when I get it. Promise! So for right now, go to Lyrics page and look at the lyrics for their new song "Can't You See."

Sorry, Pippi a.k.a Ariel Doll is not in the mp3 recording of "Can't You See." But she will hopefully be in the other future upcoming mp3s I will put up here.

The song title of "Cant You See" is not the official title of the song. In a day or so you will be able to vote on which song titles you like more for whatever song. But ONLY if your in the Paper Doll webgroup.

Feb 14, 2003

Hope everyone had a wonderful V-day and got loads of candy!

Feb. 1, 2003

First of all I would like to say I am sorry for not updating this website. It has been ages, I know, and I am truely sorry about it!  Ya'll that have joined the PD fan club... POST MESSAGES! Don't be afraid!!

I will be updating this site way more often then I have in the past few months!!!

Recent News: Dottie Doll got a job and has been really busy with that the last couple of months. Unfortunately she hasn't been able to sing as much as she did. She was going to try out for American Idol 2 but it was either her job or having a 30%-705 chance of "making it to Hollywood." Although I personally think she would have made it, Dottie didn't want to risk this job offer. A lot of her fans are disappointed in her choice.

Ariel a.k.a Pippi Doll, hehe, got her drivers license. Other than that, there has been no real news about the doll.

Wahine Doll is breaking into the world of modeling! To check out some of her professional modeling pictures join the paper doll fan club, click on Xmembers, and then click on Wahine.

Join the official Paper Doll club to check out

December 31, 2002- Jan. 1, 2003

I hope everybody had a wonderful New Year party and I wish you the best for the year 2003!

October 16, 2002

NEW MP3 added to multimedia!

The music is of Dottie singing Blondie's (ex-member)
song Oblivious!
Verse and Chorus

October 2, 2002

Maryann a.k.a Dottie doll turned 17 years old!
She had her birthday party on September 28.

September 11, 2002

In God We Trust - United We Stand.

Never forget September 11

September 10, 2002

Sorry I haven't updated this site in a long time. Over a month! Things have been changing a lot and the girls have been very busy.
Since the girls have been so busy lately, Maryann has offered to make some demos of just her singing. At the moment, Ariel is too busy with other work for making demos and whatnot.

Expect a few demos from Dottie Doll as the month goes by. Also new pictures of Ariel and Dottie are going to be added onto the website and fanclub in the next month.

than join today!! If you join today than you will be able to download mp3's and many more pictures of the girls that are not on this website. So join today!

August 4, 2002

Carianne is threw a big party for her 16th birthday!
Where? At Bolsa chica beach, they had a bonfire and everything. Pictures from her birthday coming soon...

July 28, 2002

Carianne and Maryann went up to a summer camp for one week.
July 28-August 3. Next day Carianne turns 16. Pictures from camp coming soon...

July 18th, 2002

I hope everyone in America had a wonder and outstanding independence day! I sure did. Sorry I haven't updated the website in ages it seems but I have been very busy. (As well as the dolls).

Club pictures of Dottie and Ariel will be added to the yahoo club only.
(In a week or so).

Ariel got back from Canada safely and her ankle is healing fast. Fortunately Ariel is back to her old self now.

Dottie went to Colorado but is now back by the grace of God!
When she was on the airplane there was some turb. from a 747 10 miles away. Dottie's plane got some of the turb which caused the wings to go out of control. (Basically the wings all of a sudden made a huge right steep turn and then a left steep turn and then another right. {like fish taling to an extreme in the air}). Luckily the pilot was able to get control of the plane within a few but long seconds and everyone was okay. If the pilot was not able to control it within those few seconds the plane would have lost complete control.

June 16, 2002

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!!

New pictures of Ariel and Dottie have been added to the photo gallery.

Robbie Shaw, A new singer from the state of Idaho. Check out his website at

Be sure to sign the guest book and tell them that the Dolls sent you!

June 13, 2002

Hey Everyone. Well Dottie graduated from 11th grade and is now a Sr in
highschool. So is Wahine...! Although Wahine dropped out of the group, she still sings with the group sometimes. Next year Wahine and Dottie are going to be singing at their graduation.

Carianne (Ariel)'s 16th birthday is in 40 days! (Ariel will be in Canada in the end days of June).

The New pictures will be added in another couple of days. I hope you enjoy the pictures when I put them on the website...In addition, new mp3's will be put on the website soon... ttyl! :)


Hey! I just added 12 NEW PICTURES of the Dolls to the yahoo! group (fan club). Unless you join the group or are already in the group than you will be able to access the new pictures. If you are not in the group than you will not be able to access the pictures until I put the pics on the website next week.

ARIEL's birthday is coming up in less than 2 months! Her birthday is August 4th. Ariel will be ¤§weet Sixteen¤


Check out the sister sites for Paper Dolls!

Strictly picture site...


Good day everyone! A NEW MP3 has been added to the multimedia page. It has the girls sing a song and it is done very well. Thanks for sending us a demo Maryann and Carianne!


Hey everybody! Please join the PD Fan Club at yahoo!
pics, posts, chat and scheduled chats with the Dolls!


YAY. I have added new pics to the photo gallery!
The Dolls should be sending me a better demo in another week or so.

06/01/02  The Deep Dish

So here is what happened in the last 4 months...

Hello everyone! I haven't updated this site in a long while. So here is what is happening with the dolls!
Meagan Jackson a.k.a Blondie Doll left the group 4 months ago. She is planning on doing a solo career but is currently in a pop duo group called "Partners in Crime and Heartache" along with singer Christa Schaeffer.

Sadly, Wahine and Smartie left the group as well. Wahine says "My voice is just not pop material, I have more of a punk rock voice and thats the kind of music I love anyway."
Smartie left too. Smartie says that she doesn't fill comfortable with singing because it is not her full on passion in life.

Pippi is thinking about changing her name to "Pixie" or Ariel" But it is not clear on what name she has choosen.
Both Dottie and Pippi are still singing and you can download an mp3 the website. Unfortunately, this is not their best mp3. The only reason why it is downloadable is because the fans have wanted to hear what they sound like and they have been waiting for over 6 months! So Dottie and Pippi threw something together but they r going to be adding a better song to the website ASAP!

The girls might be going on the "Jenny Jones" show. The Dolls are planning on sending in a video tape demo of them singing and hopefully Jenny will accept them to appear on her talent show day!


Pippi, Dottie, Smartie and formal
doll Wahine all went to their
prom last friday. Pictures coming soon.....!


Well, this website is really Paper Dolls 3 now.
Wahine left the group. She says "I feel like I don't
have a pop voice and I want to be in a punk band...
" then later says "If we got signed, I wouldn't be
happy because its not my thing"

For the upside, we have little sample of the girls
playing around. You can download 2 songs
that they sing for fun. Download on "Multimedia" page.

Pippi changes her name to "Ariel"


Sorry for not updating the website any sooner. The girls had taken the month of jan. off due to their busy schedules. They finally got a cassatte recorder they will be sending me samples of their songs soon! Time is getting closer and closer to figuring out if Paper Dolls is going to be signed. Discussions with record labels (lables) and manangers have been in the works throughout the last month.

pippi changes her doll name to either ariel or pixie. which one do you prefer?

happy valentines day!


No rehersals this week due to their busy scheduls.
If Paper Dolls had to change their group name, what would it be? E-mail your suggestions to


Bad news, Blondie has decided to leave the group. She will be going solo. The group and Blondie still hang out together but for personal reasons she has decided to drop out. Best Wishes.


Can you say Demo??? Unfortunately, everything was running smooth dec. 30th BUT when they went to record the demo the player ate up dottie's tape! It messed the recorder as well and it needs to be fix. So close but so far away!

There is some other unfortunate news that the group itself will have to tell you in future days to come. DON'T WORRY! THEY Haven't slipt up, well not all of them. :(

Good news! The Dolls have just got down taking their group pictures. There was about 10 taken but only about 5 of their favorites will be put on this website. These pictures will be up by the end of the month.


Hi, long time no see! Everything going smoothly. The girls are ready for that demo to be sent in by Jan 1st we should get some new and hopefully good information from people.


If you haven't noticed, this website has not been updated for a while. This is due to website difficulties through the last month and finally the tripod website has been working. The good thing about this is that I will be able to put up more pictures (Celeb Pics), new multimedia, including samples of 2 of their songs, "Broken" and "Everyday!" Along with that exciting news, I will also be updating and devoloping group pictures and their bio and other amazing and awesome stuff!


Sorry for not updating this website in a while. Unfortunately, there has been something wrong w/ my computer and, it didn't seem to mix very well! Haha! Fortunately, I can say this, we will have or already have added new pictures, multimedia, message forum and other exciting and new stuff!!


It is comfirmed that there will be NO new members in the group, it was both their "managers" and the dolls choices. All agreed that they will stay at 4.
-Dottie Doll sang at a place Nov. 1st.


Dottie doll was given a surprise birthday party, all the dolls were there! "It was a blast." says Dottie "It was like a dream come true. When I saw my friends all standing there, it didn't feel real. As my mom walked up to me and hugged me I whispered in her ear 'this is what i have wanted mom' and its true, I don't think I could have wanted anything more than that party."


Dottie dolls performs at a cafe on her birthday night.


Hey guess what! Tomorrow is Dottie Dolls birthday! She will be 16 yrs old! Oct 2nd, 2001.

This group has been together since September 2001