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Elena Is Here

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Behind The Name

We're Like, You Know?!

Defintion from former group below...
One day Maryann were sitting at her computer, updating her website. When she got an e-mail from her webpage offering a new game with cartoon dolls. You can dress them up and create your own doll which looks like you. She started showing her friends this website and ALL of them thought it was cool. Well, that was 6 months ago and they still go to that website. In August, 2001 Meagan Jackson and Maryann  wanted to start a new pop group (long story) and Maryann wanted her friend Carianne in it, but 3 is an odd number and with fear that someone would be left out. Fortunately, Maryann remembered her friend Amy  who had an awesome and outstanding voice, well there was no argument that she was now the 4th member of the group. But what is the groups name? All night Maryann came up with names, such as Precious Ones, Super Girls and Generation Y. NOTHING seemed to catch. Well, the next day Carianne and Maryann were at the cartoon doll website again and the girls were talkin' about what the name should be. HELLO, it hit the girls at the same time PAPER DOLLS! The girls all thought and agreed it was a most unique and catchy name for their newly born pop group! It stays in your mind and its cute.

The Dolls changed their group name to Vivid which means "bright and beautiful" "a vivid star"

Hello people, We're Like, You Know needs YOUR help! Yes, YOU!If you have an MYSPACE account then PLEASE ADD THEM! Go to or add to your personal myspace and spread the word, yo!

 Maryann & Carianne