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Elena Is Here

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Elena Charis


Name: Elena Charis
NickName: Elena & Scary Spice
Age: 25
Hair: Currently... Black
Current Residence: Orange County, California


Band: Travial, Frou Frou, Linkin Park, Flogging Molly, & 5 IronFrenzy
Techno/Dance & whatnot: ? Daft Punk, Kreo, & Chumbawamba
Vocal Singer: Gwen Stefani, Fergie
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (HOT!) 
Actress: Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson
Movie: Napoleon Dynamite, The Passion, Flushed Away, The Hobbit (cartoon)


Song writing/Singing/ Piano, photography, cooking,
and collecting weird things.

For example: Elena Collects SUGAR PACKETS, shot glasses & deck of cards. Instead of giving her a gift/flower @ a concert, throw 2 sugar packets from a local resturante or hotel, she will love you forever! This is not a joke!

This group has been together since September 2001