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Elena Charis

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TV, not talent show.


ARRIVING: I got in the line @ 1:45am in the morning of Sept 11th. There was already a line of about 700 people in front of me. AND they had moved the auditions to the Orleans Arena about 5mins away from the Las.Vegas. Convention center. At around 6:30-ish am we got our wristbands. From there we went to a hotel which cost me 150$ for 1 nite. grrrrr. Anyway. I would advise any1 to get the hotel instead of sleeping it through till the actually audition date. No 1 can cut in front of you once you get your band ticket. That is your number & seat/place in line. After I got my ticket I went to my seat and waited around about 20-30mins (not long at all) then a man named "Patrick" came out and spoke to us, went over everything. What was gonna happen for Sept 12th auditions. Then he's like. Oh and I want everyone to I got a hotel woke up around 4:00am, I then got ready and get back to the Auditioning Arena until 5:30am. There was a line but not to freight, it goes by fast!! I waited about 5mins in a constantly moving line. I got into my seat "Patrick" came out again. He explained some things  then introduced us to Nigel, one of the producers of American Idol. Then a few minutes later the other producer came out. Both were very nice men. They explained how the audition was going to happen.There are 12 tables12 judges,12people to cut your wristband off collect your papers. Some were really cool. 4 auditions per table you can sing WHATEVER YOU WANT! The auditions go by really fast, maybe 3-4mins per group. They bring about 80+people down at a time. I waited only 20mins before my audition. She did not pass anyone through to round 2. There are 3 auditions.

1 American Idol staff

2. producers

3. the big 3 which is at another location. (Randy, Simon & Paula)

I sang.... Summertime by Janice Joplin

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