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Elena Charis

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Here's some news that maybe you missed out on


This month she will be starting her voice lessons and hope to have finished them by June. After Dottie has finished her voice lesson she will start recording her professional demo in a recording studio. This demo will not be for sale, unfortunately! (I am sure I will to snip some samples of them once she has recorded the song). Her manager and others will decide if the Demo will be a full 12 track or just a Single, so to speak.

Why is she making a professional demo and not selling it?
In August or September (the date is uncertain), Dottie will be having her first performance. It will be in either a club in Long Beach or Los Angeles, California. Here there will be A&R's, Actors, Artists, Managers, and musicians watching her perform.
The demo is for her PRESS KIT which includes:
Black & White Picture - Color Picture - Either a 12 track CD or 3Track/Snippets - Biography and Business Card.
These are her goals up till August. Pray for Elena, things are looking excellent! And guys she is single so e-mail her before it's too late! hehe


Has anyone heard Jigglo, song by Nick Cannon? Notice how the lyrics say "rock that hottie body, rock it like hottie Dottie." And the First first says "tell me Pippi are you down?" Interesting..... makes you wonder doesn't it.... 

Elena Charis came out with her demo cover the other day. It is not a professional one but it looks pretty good. Thankfully, her manager,  Meghan Redgate with Synthetic Blue Productions, has been working really hard with her the last 2 weeks. This has to be one of Dottie's smartest moves towards her music career.
Elena's demo has reached canadian pop singer, Amanda - Sonic, other artists, managers and song writers just in the past week!

More updates coming soon.....March.05.04


Dottie will be having an official meeting with a Canadian PopStar this week!(2.11.04) In this meeting the singer will be giving her advice and possibly helping her out with her future career.

A record label in Southern California is possibly looking at Dottie to join their family. These are JUST RUMORS that I have heard, Dottie HAS NOT confirmed any of this.
If this is true then who knows how her future career is heading! My advice, e-mail her before it's too late! (if you know what I mean!)


New website for Dottie just opened, hope you all enjoy it!
There is more to be added!

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